Learner Reviews

"The course was easy to understand and had depth. All the concepts were clearly laid out and explained. This is the best course I have come across on this topic."
"As a novice student in the field of AI and Machine learning, the module based approach really helped me structure the step-wise approach. In addition the real world examples helped associate concepts with applications. I am now more aware and equipped compared to Day 1."
"I enjoyed the course material immensely. I found that the material was presented thoroughly and concisely given the timeframe of the program. Even though I come from a psychology and biomedical background and not an engineering background, the design and flow of the lectures really helped me understand the material. It was a very good pace for me. I particularly enjoyed Professor Broderick, Prof. Chernuzkov, and Prof. Veeramachaneni's lectures. They presented difficult material in a way that was easy for me to understand."
— Anonymous Learner
"I had very basic information about data sciences and machine learning when I started this course. This course has definitely helped in getting an overview of different aspects and algorithms for data analysis and processing and to gather insights out of it"
"I have learned a lot. As a teaching faculty in a college, I wanted to update and expand my knowledge. I have achieved so with your excellent online sessions. The TA's and discussion board are very helpful, either I had a question or see other people questions also helped for my learning"
— Anonymous Learner
"Very complete. Clear explanations. I feel very satisfied with the content. I'll invest some months to digest it completing the optional case studies."
"A special thanks, The course enabled me to discover the main data science theoretical features. For myself, I will continue to develop the new skills acquired in the course and to use it in my daily work."
"I am very pleased with the course content, it is exactly the level I am looking for. Each professor/course presenter has packed a lot of information and has explained complex algorithms in good detail. Some with good sense of humor. Thank you very much."